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Coconut Clusters
Dark Chocolate Nuggets
Coconut Love
Dark Chocolate Bark


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I’m in love with your Dark Chocolate Nuggets!

I am in love with the new dark chocolate nuggets! They are so good and will be a staple in my home now.

I used to buy bags and bags of the coconut clusters, love them as well. Thanks so much for your healthy vegan products!


Sabrina Olinskie

Please make the Coconut Cluster bag harder to open!

I found these at my local Costco in Northern California and have a request. I sit down and have a few bites and close the bag only to keep opening it and continuing to stuff myself.

Please make the bag harder to open so I won’t keep trying to eat the hole bag in one sitting. It is that good.

Thanks for making them. Do you make other similar products I can gorge myself on?


Gary Ross

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