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Huge fan of Coconut Clusters

I realize people usually write customercare with complaints and I’m just a random customer here but….

I just feel compelled to send you a note. I bought your organic coconut clusters at Costco in Edmonton,AB last week for the first time. This is the first product I’ve found at a reasonable price that is actually REALLY TASTY that is also preservative free. Next time I go to a pot-luck I’m bringing these!!!

Thank you for figuring it out and producing this awesome product. I’m a huge fan.

PS: (You can reproduce this email in your promotions anytime anywhere)

Muriel Rae

Coconut Clusters good energy food for fighting fires!

Hello Snack Masters!

Picked up a few bags of your Coconut Clusters before a recent fire dispatch up to Wyoming. That is one good snack food!

Thanks for something so tasty that is a decent energy source.

Will definitely buy more.


Eric Peter Abramson