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By far the best snack I think I’ve ever tasted!

Hi! I don’t know how many compliments you get it on your product but I wanted to let you know that the organic coconut clusters are by far the best snack I think I’ve ever tasted!

My aunt introduced them to me while on vacation at her place in BC and when I came back home to Nova Scotia I found them at Costco and could not have been happier to find them wish they were available at other places like the grocery store!!!

I want to say thank you very much for having produced one of the best snacks ever!

Dawn Asprey

Coconut Clusters on National Geographic film project

I rarely, or actually never reply to, or comment on anything. I guess that is up until now. As a Wildlife Photographer and Expedition Leader I am always on the lookout for nutritious snacks that provide the right amount of energy and taste good. Recently, while on a film project with a Chinese group from National Geographic I made a quick choice and purchased a bag of Coconut Clusters (organic).

It wasn’t until our third day that I remembered I had the Coconut Clusters. So I cracked into the bag and gave them a try before sharing the bag, mostly to make sure they were ok.

Congratulations they were awesome and sadly I wish I would’ve purchased two bags as that one didn’t last long.

Now on every trip I bring along Coconut Clusters and my wife has informed me that there are other flavours as well. As a vegan they are great and fulfilling snack, some days that’s all I’ll get to eat.

In August I’ll be on a 700 mile canoe trip through the high Arctic and will definitely be packing these along

So thanks for a great healthy product


Robin Tapley