About Our Foods

We Believe

Great taste starts with real ingredients.

Fuel your body and lifestyle with whole, nutritionally dense ingredients that have been organically sourced. Having carefully selected each delicious component straight from nature, our confections never sacrifice health for flavour.

Non-GMO Verified

All our ingredients are naturally sourced and never modified. Take comfort knowing you’re nourishing your body with 100% GMO-Free foods.

Organic Ingredients

Sustainably grown and minimally processed with absolutely no synthetic substances, our products have been certified organic. Every single ingredient is as pure as the soil it sprouted in.


Featuring the most popular gluten-free grains, we strive to create products that everyone can enjoy, sensitivities or none.

No Additives

Grown straight from our natural green earth, each ingredient is clean of preservatives, artificial colours and flavours. Nothing but raw nutrients in their natural state.

Highest Quality

We take pride in our commitment to food safety and practises by exceeding the highest industry standards. Providing organically sourced, real ingredients with zero additives.

Irresistibly Delicious

Perfecting the combination of natural flavours, we have worked hard to combine healthy ingredients to create indulgent snacks, without the guilt. Satisfy your cravings and stay on track.

Some Of Our Super Ingredients


All-natural, organic coconut chips.

Sunflower Seeds

Naturally grown, raw sunflower seeds.

Pumpkin Seeds

Raw, organic pumpkin seeds.

Chia Seeds

Freshly cultivated chia seeds.


Organically harvested Quinoa.

Flax Seeds

Sustainably sourced flax seeds.

Hemp Seeds

Raw, organically derived hemp hearts.


Naturally cultivated raw almonds.


All-natural, organic pecans.


Naturally grown cashews.


Organic whole grain rolled oats.


Organic ground cinnamon.


Naturally sourced, pure vanilla beans.

Maple Syrup

100% Pure Canadian-made Maple Syrup.


Freshly dehydrated organic cranberries.


Organically grown dried cherries.


Naturally sweet, dried apple pieces.

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