A cookies? A cracker? Better!

TrailBite® Snackers are oven-baked to a  sweet and chewy perfection. Grab a handful for breakfast, on the side, or just anytime the craving hits for a snack made from sprouted grains and packed with the goodness of organic nuts, fruits and seeds. Treat yourself today to a nutty sweetness that is vegan-friendly and contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Available in organic and conventional varieties

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Inno bits

INGREDIENTS: (*Organic) Pumpkin Seeds*, Cranberries* (Cranberries*, Sugar*, Sunflower Oil* [less than 1%]), Sprouted Whole Wheat Flour*, Almonds*, Pastry Flour*, Sprouted Spelt Flour*, Palm Oil*, Cane Sugar*, Cashews*, Coconut Sugar*, Brown Rice Flour*, Coconut Flour*, White Sesame Seeds*, Chia Seeds*, Black Sesame Seeds*, Sea Salt, Lemon Juice*, Baking Powder, Nutritional Yeast*, Natural Flavour.

May contain other tree nuts.

Trailbite Crackers are too yummy!

Oh my goodness these are SO tasty!!!!

They’re like little shortbreads. thanks for being non-GMO – too yummy!

Lesli Q