Innofoods has evolved from local bakery to today’s global confectionery.


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2013 - Present

Global confectionary producer & distributor

In early 2016, the original Organic Coconut Clusters with Super Seeds was developed in collaboration with Costco Western Canada’s buying team.

We are committed to food safety and practices exceeding the highest industry standards.

Huge fan of Coconut Clusters

I realize people usually write customercare with complaints and I’m just a random customer here but….

I just feel compelled to send you a note. I bought your organic coconut clusters at Costco in Edmonton,AB last week for the first time. This is the first product I’ve found at a reasonable price that is actually REALLY TASTY that is also preservative free. Next time I go to a pot-luck I’m bringing these!!!

Thank you for figuring it out and producing this awesome product. I’m a huge fan.

PS: (You can reproduce this email in your promotions anytime anywhere)

Muriel Rae

Coconut Clusters my official go-to snack!

I love love LOVE your guys coconut clusters!!! It’s officially my go to snack 🙂

Katie Okeefe