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In early 2016, the original Organic Coconut Clusters with Super Seeds was developed in collaboration with Costco Western Canada’s buying team.

We are committed to food safety and practices exceeding the highest industry standards.

I LOVE the Organic Trailbite Crackers

Hi, I recently purchased a bag of Trailbite crackers and just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE them.  The taste is awesome and reminds me a little of peanut butter cookies.

Not too sweet and good to eat. Filling as well as tasty and good for me.  Sometimes I spread almond butter on them.

Keep up with the great snacks.

Thank you,

Lynn Leduc

Coconut Clusters on National Geographic film project

I rarely, or actually never reply to, or comment on anything. I guess that is up until now. As a Wildlife Photographer and Expedition Leader I am always on the lookout for nutritious snacks that provide the right amount of energy and taste good. Recently, while on a film project with a Chinese group from National Geographic I made a quick choice and purchased a bag of Coconut Clusters (organic).

It wasn’t until our third day that I remembered I had the Coconut Clusters. So I cracked into the bag and gave them a try before sharing the bag, mostly to make sure they were ok.

Congratulations they were awesome and sadly I wish I would’ve purchased two bags as that one didn’t last long.

Now on every trip I bring along Coconut Clusters and my wife has informed me that there are other flavours as well. As a vegan they are great and fulfilling snack, some days that’s all I’ll get to eat.

In August I’ll be on a 700 mile canoe trip through the high Arctic and will definitely be packing these along

So thanks for a great healthy product


Robin Tapley